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our inspiration


Our love for travel has brought us where we are today, creating memories through our candles since 2014. As chandlers and flight attendants, our personal memories and experiences have enabled us to tell the stories of the different destinations and people through our candles.


Our layover collection line are named after cities we have spent time in, as flight attendants.  It is our core competency as we have the unique ability to translate our memories of these cities into fragrances, and those experiences and personal recollections are what we put into our candles.


Our Flight Crew Series are named after our work family, our friends, amazing, hard working individuals that inspire us to be better everyday, not just as business owners or co workers but most importantly to be better humans.  It is our way of honoring them, for touching our lives.  In return, we promise to make the best candles we can to exalt our friends, which in turn assures you, our guests to receive candles that are our tangible tributes to the people we hold near and dear to our hearts.


676 is not an area code, but an employee number, one that symbolizes hard work, dedication and immense pride for the work we do.  676 Candles Co.'s convictions is mirrored by that of the company that allowed us to make this dream a reality; creating wow, elevating people, and having that virgin spirit.




We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we make all our candles.  All our candles are made from 100% pure soy wax, cotton wicks, fine fragrances and locally sourced glass jars.  We strive to be an environmentally responsible company as we encourage the re use of our jars, or returning them to us for recycling.


A couple that are inspired by people, places, love and memories.  


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