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Candlelight Layovers

So you may ask, how does a flight attendant, keep the fire of layovers burning? I mean after the 12 hundredth time of laying over in a beautiful city like Portland, at some point, it all becomes the same right? A hotel is a hotel, is a hotel.

Well yes and no. Sure, the front desk people already know who you are and your unreasonable requests, (a corner room on the 10th floor, with the room number ending in odd numbers, a fridge, a microwave etc.) but there is always something you can do to make it your own, and at the same time keeping it fresh.

I am big in personalizing my hotel room. It seems contradictory to keeping it new, but remember a hotel room is still and will always be foreign territory, no matter how often you stay in it. Owning it, to me is my way of making it exciting.

– Bring your own pillowcase. Its easy to pack, and it instantly transforms your bed into the one that is waiting for you at home. It even helps me get a good night’s sleep.

– Hook your ipad or computer (or in my case a karaoke machine!) to the hotel TV. Chances are the hotel TV is a little better than your own, make use of it! So easy to do!

– Work out in your room! You’ll be amazed by how much of a workout you can do without leaving that room.

– Send someone or even yourself a postcard! Yes a postcard. Remember them? They still exist, and yeah it could be cheesy but, doesn’t it still feel good to get one? even from yourself!

– and lastly this will sound like a shameless plug but, light a candle! not just a candle but a 676 Candle. It not only gets rid of the stale air that permeates the room, but it adds the much needed ambiance for a luxurious candlelight layover.

That’s a few of the little things I do to switch up my hotel layover once in a while. Add yours in the comment section!

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